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Jacksonville Florida RV Parks: A Hidden Gem at Sunny Oaks

Updated: Jan 2

Nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Jacksonville, Florida, Sunny Oaks RV Park stands as a beacon for travelers seeking the quintessential RV camping experience. Combining the allure of southern comfort with the convenience of urban proximity, this privately owned park offers an unparalleled getaway in the realm of RV camping in Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville Florida RV parks

A Fusion of Tranquility and Urban Proximity 

At Sunny Oaks, guests find themselves in a unique position: mere minutes from the heart of Jacksonville, yet enveloped in a tranquil atmosphere. This rare combination allows for a serene retreat that is still tantalizingly close to key attractions such as TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville Beach, and the vibrant Downtown area. This strategic location places Sunny Oaks among the top choices for RV camping in Jacksonville, FL.


Expansive Growth Meets Refined Comfort

The Reserve @ Sunny Oaks exemplifies the park's commitment to growth and quality. With an expansion to include 60 new premium sites, the park caters to big rigs and offers amenities like paved roads, a bathhouse, a pond, a dog park with a wash station, and a laundry facility. Such enhancements ensure that Sunny Oaks remains a trendsetter among Jacksonville Florida RV parks.


Tailored Accommodations for Every Traveler 

Sunny Oaks RV Park accommodates a variety of needs with back-in sites complete with private parking. Every site boasts full 50 amp hook-ups, including water, electric, and sewer, with adaptors available for 30 amp setups. The flexibility in reservations, offering daily, weekly, and monthly options, caters to both short-term visitors and those seeking a longer sojourn. This variety of reservation options is a hallmark of the inclusive nature of RV camping in Jacksonville, FL.


A Central Hub for Exploration and Relaxation

The park's advantageous location at 8654 New Kings Road places guests within a short drive of numerous attractions. From the Jacksonville International Airport to the Mayo Clinic, and from Hanna State Park to St. Augustine, Sunny Oaks serves as a central hub for exploring the rich tapestry of Northeast Florida. This accessibility is a defining feature of RV camping in Jacksonville, FL, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in diverse experiences without straying far from their temporary homes.



Sunny Oaks RV Park epitomizes the essence of RV camping in Jacksonville, FL. With its blend of serene setting, modern amenities, and proximity to urban attractions, it stands as a premier destination for travelers. Whether it's a brief escape or an extended retreat, Sunny Oaks offers a slice of Floridian paradise, redefining the experience of Jacksonville Florida RV parks.

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